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FLOWORK is committed to manufacturing and developing ball valves with high quality and high user satisfaction in various materials, sizes and pressure ratings. Our valves are in accordance with the strictest international standards involving API 6D, API 607, API-Q1, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 15848-1, etc. Apart from above, we can also produce custom-made valves based on customer’s requirements.

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Our Ball Valve Superiority

API/CE/ISO certified

FLOWORK is accredited by renowned global organizations and certified by strict international standards involving API 600, API 6D, API-Q1, API 607, API 6FA, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 15848-1, etc.

Approved by test institutions

FLOWORK ball valves are tested in compliance with the requirements of the strictest test organizations (TUV, SGS, ABS, DNV, etc.).

Other advantages

Some items of FLOWORK ball valves are in stock, so we can deliver prompt and meet customers’ urgent needs.
Suitable for corrosive and low temperature medium as well as low boiling point liquid; complete sealing at a relatively high temperature and pressure; lowest flow resistance; competitive prices.

Ball Valve selection FAQ

What soft seal material do you have for ball valves?


Do you offer ball valves of A105 body?

Yes, forged material is in our production scale, such as A105, LF2, F304, F316, etc.

What’s the material of the handle lever?

It can be carbon steel and stainless steel.

Can you produce the ball valve made of duplex stainless steel?

Yes, we can offer the duplex stainless steel 4A, and supper duplex stainless steel 5A and 6A are available too.

What is the maximum allowable fluid velocity?

It depends on many factors, including the valve design, fluid viscosity, allowable pressure drop, etc.

What are the wearing parts for ball valves?

They are O-ring, gasket, and packing.

How long is the warranty period of the ball valve?

12 months start from the date leaving factory.

What to do if the ball valve leaks?

We conduct all valve test before valves leaving our company, so generally there will be no leakage problem. If it happens, we will help customers find the leak place first and then solve it accordingly.

Can you do Electroless Nickel plating on the ball?

Yes, we can make it according to your request.

What valve connections are available?

Flange end, thread end, welding end, etc.

Do you have V type ball valve?

Yes, V type ball valves are in our supply range.

Are your ball valves zero leakage?

Yes, they are zero leakage, according to the API598 standard.

Do you have wafer ball valves?

Yes, we have, it is also called the Italian type.

Are your ball valve anti blow-out stem?

Yes, all our ball valves are anti blow-out stem.

Are your ball valves anti-static design?

Yes, anti-static is one of our normal designs.

Can your 1500lb ball valve be casting material?

No, casting of ball valve can not bear high pressure 1500lb, it has to be forging.

Do you have ball valves with plain end (PE)?

Yes, we can make plain end for forging ball valves.

What applicable standards do you meet for your ball valves?

API6D, API608, ASME B16.34, ISO 17292, etc.

Are your ball valves NACE compliant?

Yes, our ball valves confirm with NACE MR 0175.

Can your ball valve be fire tested?

Yes, our ball valves are fire safe design and we have fire test certificate API607.

What size and pressure range of ball valves can you make?

1/2''~40'' 150lb, 1/2''~32'' 300lb, 1/2''~32'' 600lb, 1/2''~24'' 1500lb, 1/2''~12'' 2500lb.

What are your delivery time?

It depends on the quantity and valves specifications.

Do you have any ball valves in stock?

Ball valves of small sizes and normal materials are in stock.

Do you have non-toxic spray paint?

Yes, we have, like Akzo Nobel non-toxic powder pray paint.

How to distinguish whether it is floating ball valve or trunnion ball valve from the appearance?

The trunnion ball valve has a fixed shaft on the bottom of the body.

Is the full port ball valve more expensive than the reduced port ball valve?

Yes, the price of reduced port ball valve is lower.

What is a double block and bleed (DBB) valve?

DBB ball valves positively isolate both sides of the valve from the bubble-tight seal, and drain any excess medium through the needle valve.

What is a double isolation and bleed (DIB) valve?

DIB ball valves provides a seal against pressure from a single source, with a means of venting/bleeding the cavity between the sealing surfaces.

Do you have pressure seal bonnet for ball valves?

No, there is no pressure seal bonnet design for ball valves.

Can the 6 inch ball valve be switched with a lever?

No. The ball valve need to use gear-worm from 6inch.

What’s corrosion allowance of your ball valve?

In general, it is 3.2mm and can be customized.

What kind of electric actuator is the ball valve suitable for?

Part-Turn electric actuator is used for ball valves.

Do you have fugitive emission ball valves?

Yes, we have this design and certificate ISO15848-1.

Are ball valves unidirectional or bi-direction?

Ordinary ball valves are bidirectional. V-type ball valve is unidirectional.

Are ceramic ball valves full bore?

No, they all are reduced bore.

Can you do lip seal ball valves?

Yes, we can customize this design.


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heir main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

heir main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

heir main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

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heir main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

What is the MOQ of products in your company?

heir main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

What is the MOQ of products in your company?


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