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FLOWORK Plug Valves are of diverse types, sizes and pressure ratings to adapt to different operating conditions. Our valves are in high quality and high user satisfaction, complying with the strictest international standards involving API 6D, API 599, API 598, API-Q1, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 15848-1, etc. We can also manufacture customized plug valves to meet specific industrial requirements.

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Our Plug Valve Superiority

API/CE/ISO certified

FLOWORK is accredited by renowned global organizations and certified by strict international standards involving API 600, API 6D, API-Q1, API 607, API 6FA, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 15848-1, etc.

Approved by test institutions

FLOWORK plug valves are tested in compliance with the requirements of the strictest test organizations (TUV, SGS, ABS, DNV, etc.).

Other advantages

Some items of plug valves are in stock, so we can deliver prompt and meet customers’ urgent needs.
Excellent sealing performance; no vibration and low noise; small fluid resistance.

Plug Valve selection FAQ

What material can you produce?

We mainly produce carbon steel (WCB, LCB, A105, LF2, etc.), alloy steel (WC6, WC9, C5, F11, F22, F5, etc.), stainless steel (CF8, CF8M, 4A, 5A, F304, F316, F51, F53, etc.), bronze (C95800, C95500, C83600, etc.)

Could you provide certificate of material?

Yes, we can provide a material report EN 10204 3.1 certificate after the valve is completed.

Could you provide test bars for chemical analysis, impact test and other tests?

Yes, as long as the customer requests the test bars, we will prepare it during production.

How long is the warranty?

Our warranty is 12 months from the date leaving our factory.

Could you repair or replace defective goods for free?

During the warranty period, we will provide repair services or spare parts for damage caused by material or manufacturing process problems free of charge, excluding man-made damage or improper storage.

Can you provide installation service?

We can provide installation and operation manuals.

What is the standard of package?

We adopt standard seaworthy packing, valves in water-proof plastic bags, fixed in plywood case. If clients need non-fumigation wooden box, we can provide too.

Do you have your own QMS for valve production?

Yes, we have our own Quality Management System.

What type of seat can you produce for plug valves?

We can produce soft seal seat and hard/metal seal seat.

Do you supply plug valves with BW ends connection?

Yes, besides BW, we also can supply flange, SW, NPT connection.

Do your plug valves full-port?

Yes, we can produce both reduced port and full port.

What type of plug valves can you supply?

Non-lubricated sleeve type plug valve, lubricated sleeve type plug valve, sleeve type soft sealing plug valve, jacket sleeve plug valve, lifting plug valve, eccentric plug valve, obit plug valves, 3-way and 4-way plug valve, etc.

What are the driving method applicable for plug valves?

Lever, gearbox, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, hydraulic actuator, pneumatic-hydraulic actuator, etc.

What information will be shown on the valve body?

On the strainer body it shows: body material, size, pressure rating and heat number. Valve marking is conducted according to MSS SP25 standard.

What is the design and manufacture standard?

The plug valves are with API6D/API599 design and manufacture standard.

What standard of plug valves you can produce?

We can produce plug valves with standard of ANSI, DIN, JIS, etc.

Can you make custom production on request?

We can customize based on the original standard valve body according to customer's special requirements.

Do you have plug valves in stock?

Yes, WCB material plug valves are available in stock. Stock valve size range is 2”~12”.

What is the pressure range of plug valves that you can produce?

We can supply plug valves pressure range from 150LB to 2500LB.

What nominal diameter can you supply for the plug valves?

We supply plug valves from 1/2” to 40”.

Can you provide mating flanges?

Yes, we can provide mating flanges upon request.

Could the paint be as per our request?

Yes, we have our own painting procedure standard, and we can also customize the painting according to the specific requirement.

Do you produce actuators?

No, it is not in our production range. But if you need, we can help outsource, equip and test the actuator with valves.

What technical documents can you provide?

We can provide drawings and catalogs, ITP, MTC, etc.

What courier can you send by?

DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc.

Can you make Non Destructive Testing (NDT)?

Yes, we can make, such as Radiographic Testing(RT), Ultrasonic Testing(UT), Penetrant Testing(PT), Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT).

Do soft seal plug valves have the stem?

Yes, the stem and disc are connected together.

Is there a plug valve with handwheel and lever?

The lift type plug valve can meet your requirement.

How to ship?

Valves can be dispatched by sea, air and express.


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heir main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

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heir main function is to let the liquid flow, stop and throttle.

What is the MOQ of products in your company?


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